Dairylea wanted to see if there was an opportunity to refresh it's facebook and social media posts. We noticed that a lot of their highest performing content happens to live at the intersection of creativity and Dairylea cheese. If we make that content simpler and bolder, we have an opportunity to stand out in our markets’ screens and really solidify the connection between parents, kids and Dairylea cheese.

Bold and bright colours—previously only highlights in the Dairylea palette was now the new focus, making sure our audience stopped to have a look. We removed a lot of the in-image clutter, to make sure the product got noticed immediately. And finally, we stepped away from making things in real life and towards simple computer-designed graphics. We wanted to inspire mums rather than intimidate them with complexity.

And finally we posted relevant and playful facebook status copy to accompany the images.

| Creative Concept | Art Direction | Digital Design |

Blub blub blub, Dairylea Fridge Stick sub!

Kids can’t stare at the Sun, but they can look at Dairylea Cheese Pods!

What do little monsters love eating? Even littler monsters! #CheesePlease

You see Dairylea Strip Cheese, Kids see cheese trees.

Dairylea Dunkers with Mini Ritz or a Dunkers Plane? #CheesePlease

Dairylea Dunkers or Dairylea Dunkers truck?